Yankton Sioux Tribe Enrollment Survey

Your opinion matters!

YST Tribal Members and Descendants, welcome to the Yankton Sioux Tribe enrollment survey!

We thank you for taking the time to complete this very important survey.  It is designed to capture your thoughts and ideas related to Yankton Sioux Tribe enrollment and membership.  Please take your time and complete all aspects of the survey.

All responses will be gathered and considered as a group, not individually, which means that your responses remain anonymous and confidential.  The analysis of the results, when completed, will be available for viewing on the Yankton Sioux Tribe website.  (www.yanktonsiouxtribe.net)

Questions about the survey can be directed to Lavonne Medicine Horn, Enrollment Officer, at (605) 384-3641 Ext. 1038 or via email at ystenrollment@yahoo.com.

There is two options for filling out the survey.  

Click the link below to print and mail in the form to the YST Headquarters

YST Enrollment Survey (Print Version)

OR fill out the online form below.

Name *
Date of Birth
Date of Birth
Community Member Designation
Where do you live?
Tribal Affiliation
Are you head of household? (your name appears on the housing contract or lease)
Please indicate how many children in EACH category: Biological child (Yankton Sioux) Biological child (Non-Yankton) Legally adopted children (Yankton Sioux) Legally adopted children (Non-Yankton) Step-Children (Yankton Sioux) Step-Children (Non-Yankton) Grandchildren (Yankton Sioux) Grandchildren (Non-Yankton) Other Children (not listed in above categories) Not Applicable
Biological child (Yankton Sioux member) living with a non-tribal parent Biological child (non-Yankton) living with a non-tribal parent Number of children, under 18 years of age, living with a non-tribal parent
In tribal housing On Reservation Off Reservation In another country (outside the US) Total number of adult children (Yankton Sioux)
Are you proud to be a Yankton Sioux Tribal member?
Which community do you live in?
Do members of our tribal community share a common set of beliefs and principles?
Is our tribal cultural way of life strong?
Will our cultural way of life remain for future generations?
Is your identity as a Native person based on your experiences and knowledge of our tribal culture and language?
Does our tribal community place value on the importance of traditional knowledge?
Does our tribal community's approach to community development support our cultural way of life?
Does the tribe allocate funds and resources for teaching and continuing Yankton Sioux culture?
a. Land and resource management/preservation b. Cultural maintenance and revitalization c. Return of sacred artifacts, sacred items and protection of Native graves d. Elder care/support that facilitates passing down of traditional knowledge e. The preservation and protection of oral traditional practices f. Language revitalization and preservation g. The enrollment of all Yankton Sioux people including descendants and persons mistakenly left out to ensure the YST legacy and community is preserved.
Is it important for all Yankton Sioux to attend traditional and cultural functions?
Currently, the term "enrolled tribal member" is used to describe individuals registered as Yankton Sioux on the official YST census roll. Please select the term the tribe should use to describe individuals on the official YST census roll.
Do you consider yourself a dual citizen? (ex. Yankton Sioux Tribal member and United States citizen)
Who shaped your ideas about being a Yankton Sioux Tribal member or descendent? (Select all that apply)
Do you feel you make a contribution to the future of the tribe?
Under the Federally imposed 1/4 blood quantum law, the YST lost its right to decide who was an enrolled tribal member and who was not. Did the blood quantum law have an impact on your life or on that of your family?
The YST can establish its own blood quantum. Select an option tha you think the YST should adopt.
If a minimum blood quantum is a requirement for tribal enrollment, what blood quantum should be required?
Should individuals who were not enrolled, but who have a direct blood relationship through a great-grandparent, grandparent and parent to persons of YST blood whose name appears on the official YST base-roll maintained by the YST since 1921 and 1972 be enrolled?
Should individuals who were not enrolled, but who have a direct blood relationship through a brother, sister, aunt, or uncle to persons of YST blood whose name appears on the official YST base-roll maintained by the YST since 1921 and 1972 be enrolled?
Should having a relationship with the Yankton Sioux community be taken into consideration when enrolling?
Should participation in YST ceremonies and traditional events be taken into consideration when enrolling?
Should residency be taken into consideration when enrolling? (i.e. living on the YST service area for at least 6 months?
Should DNA testing be completed before enrolling?
Should there be an appeals process for individuals who do not meet the requirements for enrollment?
Who should sit on the appeals committee?
The enrollment of tribal descendants will change the Yankton Sioux Tribe from a declining population to a growing population. The Yankton Sioux Tribe may double in size. The increase has the potential to expand and stabilize the Yankton Sioux economy, but the change may also increase costs for an already strained economy. This may require a decrease in benefits to provide essential services. Are you willing to make some sacrifices so that more individuals have the opportunity to become Yankton Sioux Tribal members?
Healthcare Services Health Prevention Education Services Social Services Mental Health Services Home Ownership Housing YST Daycare Service Centers YST Pre-Kindergarten Program After-School Cultural Enrichment Program YST Tutoring Higher Education Scholarships Environmental Education & Recycling Workforce Training Yankton Sioux Culture and Language Education Small Business Development services Recreation and Wellness Center
Which of the following tribal benefits are you willing to give up? (Check all that apply)
The Yankton Sioux service area consists of Charles Mix County, only. Using the map, illustrated on the link at the top of the page, select the land areas that you think should be included.
Should the Yankton Sioux Tribe take financial eligibility into consideration for the following services? (Check all that apply)
Yankton Sioux Higher Education funding has assisted many Yankton Sioux students attend colleges and universities of their choice. Should eligibility requirements be changed to require a commitment to the Yankton Sioux Tribe?